2014.07.14 - The contest of "International Dnieper Day" summed up in Kherson

    Excessive anthropogenic load, enhanced by consequences of the Chernobyl ecology catastrophe, has disturbed the natural balance in the pool, has dramatically reduced the quality of the water-resource potential and has led to environmental crisis in many territories of the country. The long-term nature of the problems, their scale, necessitated their proactive solution, addressing them both to the authorities and many sectors of the economy, private business. The above described consequences led to strengthening the role on public and international community, with the mobilization of local resources and initiatives.

    In order to solve the problems of environmental revival of Dnieper, according to the decision of the Dnipro Basin Council meeting (May 23-24, 2013), the holding of annual "International Dnieper Day" Contest was proposed by its Secretariat. Letters of appeal, supporting these initiatives, were directed to the Regional Soviets of People's Deputies and state regional administrations, located in the Dnieper basin, including Kherson.

    Contest goal: to raise public consciousness and responsibility for the environment protection, in particular water resources of the Dnieper basin; the involvement of all sectors of civil society to the practical activities, aimed at environmental rehabilitation of the Dnieper River, improvement of water sources, rivers and reservoirs; increasing of ecological and legal awareness; promotion and supporting of public initiatives.

    On July 11, 2014, for the second time, the Kherson Regional Commission for the annual Contest "International Day of the Dnieper" summed up the competition. The Committee is headed by the Chairman of the Kherson region Maintenance Department for melioration and water services, the commission includes representatives of the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kherson regional organization “All-Ukrainian Environmental League”, representatives on State Department for Environmental Protection of Kherson Regional State Administration, the Department of Environment and balanced nature management of Kherson State Agrarian University.

    Participants, including rural, town and city councils, educational and extracurricular educational institutions, community organizations, citizens, have presented the materials, in which they have reported about a specific job, intentions and actions, aimed at environmental rehabilitation, harmonious coexistence, the resurgence of wealth and beauty of the Dnieper River.

    Presented works were considered for two areas of activity, supported by the Contest:

    •  Maintenance for environmental improvement of the River basin, concerned the Dnieper executive authorities, local authorities, public organizations, educational institutions, institutions on care and landscaping (cleaning, meadow formation, afforestation) for coastal shelterbelts on river basin district, restoration and improvement of water sources, elimination of garbage dumps in the coastal shelterbelts reservoirs; arrangement of temporary recreational areas;
    • information and teaching activities among the population: preparation and distribution of brochures, booklets, posters, leaflets, the importance of environmental health of Dnieper and plans for its remediation and protection; media representation of events thematically correspondent to the Contest; research-practice conferences, contests, exhibitions; organization of permanent festivals, folk festivals and contests, dedicated to historical yesterday of the Dnieper, revival for traditions and place.

    In the competition there were showed 14 works of representatives from Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Holaya Prystan, from collective of Hornostaevka, Korobkovka, Dmitrovskoye, Dudchanka, Malokahovka schools; Vasilkovsky, Lyubymovsky, Golopristansky and Hornostaevsky village councils.

    After analysis and summary of represented materials have been made, the three candidates for winning were determined:

    - by Maintenance for environmental improvement of the River basin:

    1. Vasilkovsky village council of Kakhovka region.
    2. Ecological crew “Eco-varta” of Slavnenskaya school on Hornostaevsky region.
    3. Executive committee of Holaya Prystan city counsil.

    - by Ecological teaching activity:
    1. Kherson center for child’s and youth creativity of Kherson city council.
    2. Regional Station of young naturalists on Holaya Prystan region.
    3. Station of young naturalists on Novaya Kakhovka city council.

    Also, it was unanimously resolved that all the participants will be awarded with diplomas and certificates of acknowledgement.

    * Traditionally, the first Saturday of July is a date of Dnieper Day celebration, - the river, which is worth to be named one of the most quiet and majestic among plain streams and takes the third place in Europe among rivers by its length and basin area (after Volga and Dunay).

    Dnieper is historically connected with the development of three Slavic Nations. The length of the river in its state of nature is 2285 km. Nowadays, it is overbuild by cascade of reservoirs, and water – way is straightened in many places, due to this facts the length of the river is reduced to 2 201 km. The total area of the Dnipro Basin - 504,000 square kilometers. Most of the Dnieper flows through the territory of Ukraine - the length of its course is 981 km., basin area - 291.4 thousand square kilometers.

    In 2002, during the Dnipro Ukrainian Forum on public organizations, it was suggested to hold the International Dnieper Day on Midsummer (St. John’s Day), which has been celebrated long since by Slavic peoples on the river basin.  In different countries and cities Dnieper Day is celebrated usually on the first Saturday of July. In Ukraine, the International Dnieper Day has not yet considered the official date, set at the legislative level, but its holding at this time has become a tradition.

    In 2011, the Public Council under State Agency on Water Resources of Ukraine appealed to the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and other authorities with a proposal to fix the date of the festival on July 7, as well as to initiate its official recognition in Russia and Belarus. The aim of the festival should be the drawing of public attention to contemporary problems of the Dnipro Basin, as well as the dissemination of information on how to solve these issues and to identify future areas of cooperation at different levels.

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