2014.06.06 — International Conference of pulse crops.

    The conference was attended by representatives of more than 45 agricultural companies, engaged in manufacturing and trading of legumes, agricultural holdings, logistics, trading and brokerage companies from Ukraine, Turkey, Jordan and Italy.  Also, official representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, heads of relevant organizations, representing grain and leguminous Ukrainian market, participated in the conference.

    At the present time, the major areas of legumes growing in Ukraine are the southern regions, including Kherson. Kherson was represented by the 1st Vice President of the Kherson CCI Valentyna Udod, leguminous crops farmers, scientists, and Mr.Ali Bulut, representative of the International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association.

    The main objective of the Conference was to discuss the possibilities and ways of further development of business relations between members of pulse crops market, the increasing of attractiveness of Ukrainian beans on the world trading, the attracting of investments into the agricultural sector of Ukraine, the extending of partnership and cultural ties between the Ukrainian and world producers and consumers of pulse crops, the empowering of agricultural technologies, as well as the searching for new markets.

    During the event, senior analyst of “UkrAgroConult” Elizaveta Malishko told about the world trends in pulse crops growing, as well as the prospects of such industry development in Ukraine. In our country, the lead pulse crops are peas, beans and lentils. The main exported crop is chickpeas.

    According to “UkrAgroConsult”, the growing of niche leguminous crops in Ukraine could be promising for medium and small enterprises, as it allows to operate crop rotation more agile. But for independent access to foreign markets that kind of producers has to unite in cooperatives. During the conference, the General Director of “UkrAgroConsult” Sergei Feofilov, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the company’s activity in the market, was awarded by the first Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine Victor Yanovsky with honorary diploma from the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for high professionalism and  active participation in the work of the Agricultural Committee of agribusiness entrepreneurs at the UCCI.

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