One of the purposes of World Environment Day Celebrations is to influence on humans’ desire to protect our nature. The second is to give to Earth population the possibility for active contribution to its stable and harmonic development, for understanding that society is a main force in solution of environment protection problems. Careful use of blessings – is a necessary quality of contemporary person.

    In Ukrainian official calendar the World Environment Day appeared in 1998. This day Nature environment organizations and government of Ukraine invite all the citizens to take part in so –called “Community Cleanup Day”.

    The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry every year supports and contributes to working out of important regional environmental problems. Being provider of annual International Ecological Forum «Clear city. Clear river. Clear planet», the Kherson CCI today gives starting to development of «Organic farming» project, which is so valuable for region.
    Besides, the Kherson CCI considers ecological education of young people as one of its aims.

    Nowadays we must remember: healthy environment – healthy future.

    Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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    tel. +38 (0552) 32-52-38, 49-33-29, 42-51-19
    Web: www.tpp.ks.ua
    E-mail: office@tpp.ks.ua

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