2014.05.15 – Vegetable produce certification program “GLOBALG.A.P.”

    First of all it must be noticed that, GLOBALG.A.P. (G.A.P. - Good Agricultural Practice) – was proposed to European Retail Chain as a program, protecting save food producing and adornment plant growing. The main aim of this program is providing Chain clients with high quality products, which don’t harm to people’s health and environment. The lead specialists of agriproduct certification of Netherlands note, that big retail chains can stimulate Ukrainian agriculturists for standardization, using the European practice of certification and making it obligatory in the near future. For example, in 2014 the Chain “МЕТRО” will do that. Today it is obligatory procedure for all suppliers, who realize their products within “GLOBALG.A.P.”.
    The main aim of “GLOBALG.A.P” creators is de-risking and redaction of expenses, which low-quality products cause. Besides, it is possible in that case to present minimum of requirements to suppliers, and make the producers to be respond instead. The necessity to provide workplace safety, to save the workers’ health, environmental and biological security conduce the creation of Certification Program.  But, it is necessary to pay attention to the aspect that the local law has priority over “GLOBALG.A.P.” rules. It means that: if Certification requirements contradict local low or the last is more rigorous, the producer must correspond to local low demands.

    “GLOBALG.A.P.” use in its work control marks, i.e. determines the list of points, necessary for certification. The abovementioned control marks are described in guidelines, which renovate regularly. It is very important too, that control list is available, and it gives possibility to every manufacturer to check the correspondence of his work to certification demands. The “GLOBALG.A.P.” program obliges to monitor and register all the producing steps, because supermarkets wants to know the products’ origin, procedure of its growing and processing facilities. That gives the possibility to determine quickly the sources of problems and to resolve them immediately.

    The certification “GLOBALG.A.P.” demands a big work concerning the farm correspondence to the standards. It refers to workplace management, sanitation standards and fertilizer’s using. Today Ukraine has no more than 10 producers who certificated their production according to “GLOBALG.A.P.”, but the market demands the increase of their quantity. Thanks to “GLOBALG.A.P.” implementation domestic manufacturers will have real possibility to obtain advantages of other representatives of Ukrainian market and export their goods to Europe.
    The farmers, who determine the abovementioned system as strategic, note, that use of “GLOBALG.A.P.” in Ukraine is not so complicated as it seems, because many aspects of Certification Program’s requirements coincide with local law demands. Besides, in its major part the Ukrainian Law is more rigorous.

    * At the end of last century the problem of food safety threw into sharp relief in Europe. For save their business and minimize all the blames, the trade chains initiated the working-out of new standard of agriproduct safety named “EurepGAP”: Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group (Good Agricultural Practice). At the end of 2007 due to extensive use of Standard, “Eurep GAP” was renamed into “GLOBALG.A.P.”.

    The main aim of Standard is to minimize risks of agricultural production by tracking all the manufacturing cycle. As the earlier quality audit system was non-effective, the new system was created: to certificate the manufacturing process instead of final product. Good Agricultural Practice - (GAP) – provides conditions, which except noxious substances accumulation in products, and prevents mechanical and microbial contamination. Therefore, “GLOBALG.A.P.” certification is a guarantee of production, made with abidance by all recommendations and demands.

    To elaborate the “GLOBALG.A.P.” standards the НАССР(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system was used, created in the middle of ХХcentury.

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