7th International Ecological Forum

The 7th Biennial of International Ecological Forum
«Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet»
will be arranged in Kherson on November, 16-17, 2017

Mission of the Forum: to promote constructive dialogue and formation of confidence partnership building of public-and-government relations, increasing the degree of public participation in solving of urgent problems of sustainable regional development and environmental protection.        
The Forum therefore aims:

  • to bring together policy makers from public and local government authorities, scientific community, businessmen, mass media in the field of environmental management, ecological balance maintenance and rational use of national resources;
  • to elaborate recommendations for an effective and comprehensive solution of the problems on environmental management, environmental improvement and economic development of the areas in balance with nature.

Forum tasks:

  • attract the attention of scientists, politicians and the public to the issues of sustainable development, mutually beneficial international cooperation in ensuring an enabling environment, conservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources;
  • support the transition to a "green" way in urban areas development and promote the principles of "green economy" in order to improve environmental safety and energy efficiency of the national economy;
  • discuss the range of issues and make recommendations for the revival and preservation of the Dnieper basin ecosystem; for development of modern technologies in the agricultural sector; to promote organic farming and production of environmentally friendly products; to examine the conditions of domestic organic products output to the European and world markets; study and summarize the international experience in water basins;
  • suggest ways to manage the environmental aspects of the tourist industry in order to increase its attractiveness in the region and through Ukraine in general;
  • consider ways to optimize the ecological reserve and the natural and recreational complex;
  • promote a deep interest in the issues of human ecology, in the study of the main trends of environmental health development, ecological education and the formation of environmental responsibility;
  • to provide a platform for the discussion of environmental projects and initiatives.

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